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dyslexia student struggling with reading

From a teacher:

"It has only been 4 1/2 months since you started tutoring her, and we see so much improvement.  You are an awesome gift."

From a student:

"You are an awesome tutor! The way you taught me, I always wanted to learn more and more. Whoever gets you next will be so lucky. I'll always remember you."

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dyslexia student struggles with reading and spelling


From a parent:

"We appreciate all of your help with our son, and we have noticed huge improvements in his reading skills and confidence level.  I know he really loves working with you, too. We really appreciate your gifts with children and recognizing his uniqueness, strengths and big heart."

From a parent:

"We are impressed with her growth this past school year. Thank you for your caring influence. She loves coming to your sessions, and she's much happier this school year."

​​​​Why Reading Solutions:

Dedicated to Students with Effective Teaching Stratagies

Close Working Relationship with Parents

Caring and Compassionate Dyslexia Tutor

Research Driven with Successful Results

Available for Teacher Conferences

Competitive Pricing for Private Dyslexia Tutoring Specialist

Martha Williams

Reading Solutions

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Reading Solutions Dyslexia Tutor in Boulder


              Welcome, Parents! 

​​​​Reading Solutions dyslexia tutor in Boulder, CO provides powerful and effective reading intervention for dyslexic children. Martha Williams uses the Orton Gillingham method and offers private dyslexia tutoring specializing in one-on-one instruction and virtual learning for students who struggle with reading and spelling. Children with dyslexia learn differently and need to receive the right kind of dyslexia tutoring that is effective for each student's learning capabilities.

Reading Solutions was founded because I have a passion that is dedicated to teaching reading to children who need support, encouragement and a different style of learning to

be successful.  I am a motivated private dyslexia specialist who celebrates each child's diversity and genuinely cares about each child's capabilities and progress.  

Reading Solutions uses an Orton Gillingham method and the Barton Reading & Spelling System that is a multi-sensory approach. My goal is to engage my students with the skills that they need to learn differently; for my students to look forward to our tutoring

sessions; for my students to become independent readers and learners; and to

build confidence in students so they can discover their strengths and achieve results.

This works!