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Susan Barton System


The Barton System works!  This exceptional method is Orton Gilliingham based and has all the essential components required by the No Child Left Behind Act and meets the National Institute of Health description of best practices for students who struggle with reading and spelling, have dyslexia markers, or have been diagnosed as dyslexic.

My private tutoring using the Susan Barton Reading and Spelling System will help anyone who struggles with reading (K-12) or is diagnosed as dyslexic.  Reading Solutions uses 8 Levels of the Susan Barton System. Typically, students begin with Level 1 (the Susan Barton System levels are not equivalent to grade levels).  The components of this method include systematic and explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, decoding (reading by sounding out), reading fluency, spelling and spelling rules. 

Barton Levels:

  • Level 1 – phonemic awareness
  • Level 2 – phonemic sounds of consonants, short 

​                        vowels​, digraphs

  • Level 3 – closed and unit syllables; basic spelling

​​                         rules

  • Level 4 – multi-syllable words; vowel teams; more

​                         difficult spelling rules

  • Level 5 – prefixes and suffixes
  • Level 6 – different jobs for the vowel E
  • Level 7 – vowel + R’s
  • Level 8 – advanced vowel teams
  • Level 9 – Latin roots and Greek roots

Students with dyslexia can significantly improve their reading and spelling skills if they are taught differently (using an Orton-Gillingham based system) than is done in most public schools.  Reading Solutions tutors each student by building skills that make sense to them -- logical way that require very little memorization  With this training, students can succeed in school and use these reading skills as the gateway to all learning.  

Dyslexia tutoring doesn't have to be scary or even embarrassing.  I want to empower your child to feel confident in the classroom while having fun during our private sessions.